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Giant Bonsai

Our first 'real' CD, still very much worth a listen.

Recorded in 1996 in Steve's living room and shed.

Listen to parts of it at Hear the drones

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Ships of the Desert (Dawkins) 5.12

Too Many Notes (Grocott) 4.12

Baby Grey (Grocott) 3.42

Soon to Come - Lying in Bed (Stapleton - Grocott) 6.30

Peter Blue (Grocott) 3.35

Bo Didley (The Drones) 6.04

Hear first 45 secs (mp3, 352 K)

Dr. in Love (Leaman) 4.07

Hallo (Grocott) 4.15

Mr Men (Grocott) 5.05

Communal Breakfast (Petter) 5.35