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What We Did

Bonfire Night on Blue Peter

A very enjoyable visit to the Blue Peter garden to be interviewed and jam with Anthea Turna and her chums.

Then we played out the programme while fireworks
exploded all around us - scary.Click to see almost roasted Drones (_bonfire_, 41 K)

The End

This photo shows a scene from a show by Luis Boy called The End. The old man who sweeps up in the circus (pictured) falls in love with the beautiful trapeze artist with tragic consequences. It was performed at The Battersea Arts Centre and Norwich Puppet Theatre among other places. We had a lot of fun providing the music for it and established a conection with puppetry and object theatre that continues to this day. One of my favourite bits was the tapdancing - it was a tap dancing.

Luis also provided us with our Logo and the cover to the first recording for which we are very grateful.