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The Man in the Shed

photo...Neil Waving

"Father Hegarty''s Rock" (mp3, 1159 K)

Click for an excerpt from "3 Reels" (trad) (mp3, 1159 K)

"The Seas are Deep" (Carolan) (mp3, 1003 K)

An Englishman sits in his shed and dreams of Ireland, America and other places.

Several of the 22 tunes were composed in the 16th. century by the blind Irish harper Turlough O’Carolan. The rest are traditional and come from Ireland and America except for Os Gaiteros da Noite which is a pipe tune from Galicia in Spain. Running time : 1 hour.

Instruments: Guitar, slide guitar, mandolin, bouzouki, banjo, harmonica, harmonium, xylophone, glockenspeil. Sea on ‘The Seas are Deep’ recorded at Wittering.

Has been described as 'easy listening'.

Playing With Fire

photo...Rick Lupi

A piece in six movements for four musicians, bonfire and pyrotecnics

Overture - Playing with Fire - Red War - Holy Smoke - Crash - Slow Air

Total 40 minutes

Click to hear an excerpt from "Overture" (mp3, 972 K)

Click to hear an excerpt from "Playing with fire : tune" (mp3, 972 K)

Click to hear an excerpt from "Holy smoke" (mp3, 940 K)

Playing With Fire was performed at Calthorpe Adventure Playground, Kings Cross London.

It was conceived and composed by Steve, except for Red War composed by Cliff Stapleton. Thanks to Rory and Guy for major contributions in the more improvised parts. Jonathon Graham had a lot of input in the planning of the piece as well as building the fire and performing with the pyrotechnics.

Thanks are due to all the participants, who worked without payment, to my brother Chris for assisting with the fireworks, to his partner Jean for stew on the day and to the courageous manager of the playground.

Rory McLeod : harmonica, slide guitar, voice
Steve Grocott : mandolin, harmonium, voice
Cliff Stapleton : hurdy gurdy, car parts
Guy Evans : percussion
Jonathon Graham : fire, pyrotechnics
Ashley Drees : sound, recording

The Drones was born at this gig.

Deep In The Deep

Click for an excerpt from "I have heard the mermaids singing each to each" (mp3, 691 K)

Click for an excerpt from "Roll on thou deep and dark blue ocean roll" (mp3, 550 K)

This book/CD is primarily for teachers and artists working with children. It is full of practical ideas about helping children to make their own music and has some interesting things to say about the creative process generally.

"His accounts of the processes by which vocal, instrumental and unconventional sounds can be woven together are instuctive and thoughtful. The music evokes various watery moods and incorporates poetry and visual imagery. This is a heartening and intelligent reminder that human creativity preceded and will outlast the national curriculum's divisions."

Tom Deveson, writing in the Times Educational Supplement.

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Recording other people

The shed has seen many enjoyable and productive sessions with guests including :

Spud and Yam

A&C Black publishers

The Kittiwakes