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“An inspirational teacher” - Times Educational Supplement

Early years inset

Steve has given training for The Institute of Education London University, The National Childminders Association, Early Education (BAECE) and all the London boroughs.

"We had the best feedback from any course we have ever run."
Janet Kite - Early years Training Co-ordinator, Luton - commenting on "Tiny Sparks - music for 0-3s" a course given for The Institute of Education.

Steve is an experienced giver of workshops. He is able to combine his wide inside knowledge of nursery and primary school teaching with the approach of a performer and composer in a way that is genuinely useful to the teachers and early years practitioners who have attended his courses. The emphasis is on providing practical material for non music specialists that they will enjoy doing with their children. It is common for people to come back for more or to arrange a visit to their schools, hospitals, nurseries etc. Sometimes work with adults and children is combined. In a school there can be sessions and performances for children followed by a twilight session with adults and Steve has recently been working with childminders and their children at the same time.

A typical workshop

involves the learning of songs, rhymes and games with a range of extending activities. Attention is given to the practicalities of who, what where and when. The material is very accessible. It connects with things people already know and provides inspiration for them to develop their practice.

Using instruments

is an area where people often ask for help. Steve brings a collection of things, including many that are interesting and amusing and hands on work is done on how to use them with a variety of material in different situations. people often say their confidence has increased enormously and there is often a lot of laughter.

There are handouts

covering the workshop content and checklists of general music strategies. A collection of books will be on display. These will include song books and practical manuals and books covering recent cognitive science research into how we learn and on the links between music and health. There are also materials giving ideas for getting resources and further learning.

Three CD/booklets are available

Tiny Sparks, Bright Sparksand More Sparks of winner songs and rhymes with booklets of words and ideas about using them are available so people without music reading skills have something valuable to take away. people find the CD's very useful and often call to order more for their settings and, indeed for their own families. Hear examples on the "Recordings - For Children" page

Creativity is at the centre of all the material

Composition at Key Stages one and two is addressed in a CD/book called Deep in the Deep which has examples of childrens creative work with detailed descriptions of how it was organised and achieved. Christine Edwards, reviewing the book for The Orff Times wrote:

“I wish I had had this publication at my disposal when I was working with student teachers as it presents good practice and practical advice briefly and with a light touch.”


“Very enthusiastic teacher. Nice to see someone who enjoys his job so much.” - Early Years Practitioner

“Great to be so practical and to have a CD to actually remember the songs” - Nursery Teacher

“Exactly the kind of course that is worthwile! Practical, entertaining and good supporting materials.” - Primary Teacher

I was feeling nervous when I came but now I am looking forward to having a music session with the children. - Nursery Nurse

“The CD is brilliant !” - Music teacher

An outline for a workshop


Target Group Teachers, Early Years Practitioners and anyone who works with 3-6 year olds who wants to include music in their day. The course is aimed at non specialists but many specialists have attended and found the material helpful.

Course Aims

To boost participants ability and confidence in all their musical activities.

To build a better repertoire of songs and musical skills for use with 3-6s

To show how music can be used to help achieve all the early years learning outcomes.

To remind ourselves how much fun can be had with music

Course Outline -as a participant you will learn :

These are tried and tested songs that children are guaranteed to enjoy. Participants will receive a CD/booklet containing songs and rhymes to take back to their setting.

Information on how to use the songs to develop children’s social skills

Ways of extending music making with the songs and games you already know. Participants will learn about the way that songs work as patterns and how to improve performance and enjoyment.

Insights into the links between early music making and the aquisition of language and maths backed by research.

How to use instruments in your music sessions. Simple ideas for what to do with instruments that will make a big difference to your sessions.

Different ways of using the same activity according to the age of the children and the circumstances.

How to use instruments in your sessions. Simple ideas for what to do with instruments that will make a big difference to your sessions.

Other courses include -:

TINY SPARKS - Music with the 0 - 3s

MUSICAL LETTERS AND SOUNDS - How to use music to work on all seven aspects of the government's Letters and Sounds document on phonics -Phase One

MUSICAL STORIES - how to use stories and music to meet the foundation stage learning outcomes

MUSICAL MATHS - how to find the maths in music and use music to help lay the foundations for maths.

HIT THE RIGHT NOTE - whole class learning to play melodic instruments using songs. This course has its own CD - see "Recordings - For Children"


"The childrens' singing improved almost beyond recognition. They have since continued to sing and I regularly have to contend with spontaneous outbursts of song while they are working ! My confidence in using instruments to 'jam' and compose also improved. Steve was very knowledgable and, more importantly, very practical."

Yr 1 Teacher - Fox Hill Primary School, Berkshire.

Contact 020 8852 2865