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Drones News

Check out Steve's new Story Songs CD/rom on his pages "For Children"

See "Gigs"

We had a really successful Drones 4 CD launch night on Friday 11th Nov (an auspicious 11-11-11).

Held at one of our favourite places - The Horseshoe - there was lots of laughter, and playing,

and so many friends and family made it a great atmosphere.

Thanks all.

If you would like to purchase a CD, please use the Paypal link on our Discography pages, or send a cheque for £11 (inc p&p) made payable to The Drones to 47, Glenarm Road, London E5 0LY.

The recording of the Drones 4 album is now complete

Friends have come to add their magic ...

Rory McLeod, harmonicas

Elliet Mackrell, fiddle

much Drones Stew has been consumed (recipe on request)

video has been shot ( watch this space )

and mixing is underway.

Recent gigs

A late summer mini tour included gigs in Alford Festival, Eastbourne Folk Club and the newly opened Diss Corn Hall.

Film News

Great news! Lucia Ashmore's film "Eric's Secrets" - for which she has used one of Giles' compositions "Song Without Words" as the soundtrack - was nominated for the Best UK Short Film award at the 2008 East End Film Festival, and has won the Jury Prize!

Congratulations Lucia!

To have a look and listen click here.

"Song Without words" can be found on our album Sounds From The Beehive

The Drones in Leicester

We have 4 days work in Leicester over this autumn, working with young people with Special Educational Needs. Our first day was a great success at the Soar Valley Music Centre.

Here's some quotes following the day:

“It’s so creative, it gives the children freedom to express themselves and experiment with instruments”

“They get all the kids involved. I’ve really seen their confidence grow today, and children of all different abilities have got involved”

“I’m really impressed. They’ve been really focused, everyone’s been taking part. It’s lovely how the group understand the individual needs of the children. Our group is quite complex, so it was nice how patient the group was, and how there was both audio and visual stimulants. All of the children loved it, and they interacted well with the music. I would definitely bring a group to this event again”

For the full feedback click here.